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/hbg/Shop latest version

  • Decreased boot time
  • Added FTP server in options
  • General improvements
  • ... and more


1- Delete any old tinfoil folder (backup your options.json in case you have some configuration you want to keep) and uninstall any old forwarder.

2- Extract the zip, copy the contents to the root of your SD card.

3- Open Tinfoil Installer.nro (you only need to do this once) and press Yes when the app asks if you want to install it to Nand. After this, restart your console and launch tinfoil.

Slow download speeds? Read!

Please, if you plan to use this app, do not use 90dns(USA or France server, it doesnt matter). We have nothing against the developers, we think they do a great job but their DNS (even the USA one) slows downloads speeds down by a lot. Here are two screenshots:

Speeds with 90DNS USA server - 1.5mbps

Speed with Incognito + Google DNS - 12.2mbps

So please do yourself a favor and install any version of incognito (incognito 2.0 or incognito_rcm) and Google's DNS ( primary, secondary) and you should see huge speed improvements!

If the download speed is still too slow, go to your router, disable 2.4GHz and enable 5Ghz and use only that.