True Passionate Team

We are a team that has been working for years, devoted to reach our goal of content preservation as much as our free time allows.
We believe that our accomplishments and longevity speak for themselves, even if we seem dormant or hard to reach at times.

Why Trust Us ?

We value and appreciate your trust above anything else and we know it must be built over time.
We have strived to be as reliable and passionate as humanly possible over the past 3 years and your contributions have not been wasted.

Why Join Us ?

- Longevity (one of the longest running Switch scene communities)
- Releases tracked in real time (with our partner discord) - Most of saved content are dumped and verified by us
- Dedicated Support channel for Switch homebrew
And lot more dedicated channels to discover ...

About Us


There are many ways you can do, so up to you.
The first way is donate a e-shop code, you can directly fill form with the code (see page donate/contribute).
The second way is donate on crypto money, in that case you have a form to fill (see page donate/contribute) and we will contact you on discord soon as possible !
The third way is donate on paypal with the auto-bot we had, check link on donate/contribute page.

Thank you so mutch !

There is many website on internet propose it but we will provide you few popular :

- Amazon
- Paypal (USA account only)
- Offgamers (US Cards)
- Offgamers (JP Cards)
- Play-Asia (US Cards)
- Play-Asia (JP Cards)

The donation reward is a role in every partner discord server we have.
We also can add you to the project depending of the donation level.
We also can focus content if you asking about, and will be one of our high priority to be unlocked.

If you have some other ideas for donation rewards you can contact us on discord !

You can contact our team on discord directly for any question, we will be happy to reply !